RSMC - CPC Counter Proposal

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Wednesday October 3 2018
No. 43

Your negotiating committee has now had an opportunity to review and analyse the new RSMC global offer that we received from Canada Post on October 3, 2018 in the afternoon.

In an attempt to jumpstart these negotiations, Canada Post withdrew some of its rollbacks that were in the September 7 global offer. Canada Post has made some very small movements towards addressing our key priorities, however, we have a long way to go to achieve a negotiated collective agreement.

There are many key issues missing and unacceptable proposals from Canada Post.


Key Issues:

  • Job security – CPC proposes limited job security (see below)!
  • Paid for all hours worked – CPC still says NO!
  • Hourly rate of pay – CPC still says NO!
  • Guaranteed minimum hours – CPC still says NO!


Here is what is in CPC’s new global offer:



Canada Post is proposing a four-year collective agreement starting January 1, 2018.



Offering a 1.5% increase in activity values for each year of the collective agreement.


Job Security

Canada Post is proposing limited job security for route holders only.

  • Permanent Relief Employees (PRE) – No Job Security!
  • Employees with less than 10 years of continuous service as a route holder – No Job Security!
  • Less than 12 hours per week - No Job Security!


For those eligible to job security, Canada Post would be allowed to assign you or not to a vacant position within a 75 km radius from your installation. You may be laid off after 3 months of you being declared surplus.

This is a very complex proposal and a substantial amount of clarification is required to fully understand its impact.  


Route Management System

CPC stated at the presentation that the current route management system (RMS) “is not sufficient, and that they must understand the work content, with the help of the Union, prior to making any changes to the RMS.


Restructures and Pay Protection

If during a restructure, Canada Post reduces the value of your route, you will continue to be paid the amount of your route for 3 months following the implementation of the restructure. There are many conditions attached to this proposal that require clarifications.

CPC agreed to provide a 12 month restructure schedule to the Union, but can add or withdraw a restructure with 10 working days notice.

Bidding procedures within multi-unit installations will be determined by the restructure implementation date.


Access to Information

Canada Post has agreed to provide the Union with Access to Information related to RSMC restructures. This includes access to read only versions of Georoute, Address Information Management System and the RSMC Route Management System. The language provided is complex and requires a detailed analysis.


Parcel Delivery

The Corporation would have the sole discretion to take parcels from any route and give them to another RSMC employee (route holder, PRE or OCRE) to deliver during the week or on weekends. This work would be paid at $2.00 per delivery stop, to the door or receptacle, plus vehicle expense and the existing 20 km/hour rates for drive time. There is no overtime being offered to perform this work. Any parcels delivered under this provision will not be counted as PCIs on the log sheets.


Extended Health Care Plan

Physiotherapy – if any employee exceeds $5000 per year in physiotherapy treatments they must provide a new prescription.



CPC is proposing that the parties promote the use of slip resistant footwear. The Corporation would be able to offer incentives. There would be no obligation to participate.


Pension Plan

CPC did not propose any changes to the pension plan during the life of the collective agreement. They are, however, proposing to review and “find solutions” to the sustainability of our pension plan, short, medium and long-term, based on a study that CPC sponsored.


Union Education Fund

CPC is proposing to change its contribution to the Union Education Fund from 3 cents per paid hour to $50.00 per route holder and permanent relief employee per year.



CPC proposes to give RSMCs a similar uniform entitlement as letter carriers, including the same point allotment.


Absence Coverage

Permanent Relief Employees (PRE) in offices with 12 or more routes (is 14), effective January 1, 2020. No other proposals to provide additional absence coverage.


Leave Of Absence

RSMCs will be eligible for a medical leave of absence without pay for up to 5 years.


Now What?

The National Executive Board will be meeting Thursday morning to determine the next steps while the negotiating committee is meeting with CPC to get clarification on these proposals.. Several important issues have not been addressed. There has been some movement on a few issues but we have a long way to go. Obviously this does not constitute a basis for settlement.


This Still Doesn’t Do It!


In Solidarity,

Nancy Beauchamp
Chief Negotiator, RSMC bargaining unit
Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit
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