RSMC: Payment for Daily Right-Hand Drive Vehicle Inspections

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Tuesday January 13 2015

When Canada Post introduced right-hand drive (RHO) vehicles, RSMCs were required to perform a daily inspection of their corporate RHO at the start of their shift without being compensated for this work. From the very beginning, CUPW' s position on the issue has been that RSMC employees should be entitled to five (5) minutes per day for the daily vehicle inspection, just like urban unit employees. During negotiations under Article 35 of the collective agreement, the employer was willing to grant an allowance for daily vehicle inspections, but the amount they proposed always remained below the number of minutes allocated to urban unit employees.

After several meetings regarding this issue and many discussions, the parties finally reached an agreement and signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA). This MOA provides that an RSMC route holder or an RSMC employee replacing a corporate RHO route absence, who is qualified to operate a corporate RHO vehicle and utilizes a corporate RHD vehicle on a designated RSMC route, will receive a daily lump sum payment. This daily amount will be for performing the daily vehicle check on their assigned corporate RHD vehicle and will be based on the zone where the employee is located. It represents an amount equal to five (5) minutes. This lump sum amount will be paid once per calendar year to qualified RSMC employees based on the following chart:

Zone 1$1.58$1.62
Zone 2$1.74$1.76
Zone 3$1.80$1.84

Canada Post has indicated that payment for the 2014 vehicle inspection will be made the week of February 16, 2015.

This is another victory for RSMCs who like an unit employees can now receive compensation for performing the same work (daily RHD vehicle inspection).

In Solidarity,

Gayle Bossenberry
1st National Vice-President (2008-2015)