RSMC PCI workload increase payment

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Thursday January 22 2015

Beginning September 15,2014 the rules changed in non-major urban centers (MUC) for parcel delivery. This impact meant that all parcels are to be delivered to the door rather than carded.

On average, this represents a 40% increase to the current workload of the RSMC; however as with any average, there will be routes with higher or lower numbers. In the case of a route holder with an average higher than 40%, an adjustment will be discussed at the National level when we can prove a significant increase has occurred on the route.

If your route sees an increase, please contact your local with the following information.

  • Route information;
  • Schedule "A" -weekly PCI information;
  • Log Sheet information for the last two weeks;
  • The actual number above the Schedule "A".

That information needs to be cascaded through the CUPW regional office to the national office for your file to be reviewed.

In the case of route holders who see a decrease there will be no retroactive adjustment up to the annual inspection for the route.

At the national consultation of January 16, 2015, the Corporation indicated the individual notices sent to all RSMC indicated the payment will be on the January 29, 2015 pay (pay period 3). This however is not the case; the actual pay will be on February 12, 2015 (pay period 4) due to "technical issues" with the employers system.

In Solidarity,

Chris Pleasants
National Union Representative - Grievances (English) (2008-2019)