Separating Sorting and Delivery

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Thursday September 7 2017

Dear Sisters and Brothers, 

Just before summer, Canada Post announced the implementation of another initiative – the separation of sorting from delivery through the creation of routers’ assignments. Following this announcement, and after meeting with the employer, the Union put forward some reasonable propositions for the creation of space to accommodate the steep increase in the number of parcels to be delivered. We suggested that CPC purchase the land for sale next to the Laval West depot and expand the facility, use different postal equipment and process the mail in “waves”.


Lack of respect, useless meetings

At a meeting on August 25, CPC informed us that they will go ahead with the implementation of their initial plan, completely ignoring the solutions proposed by the Union. The employer clearly had no intention of considering a solution that came from the Union. Once again, we’re faced with a unilateral approach from the employer, just as it was the case with the implementation of the postal transformation and the transition to community mail boxes (CMBs), to only name a few.


Sugar-coating, for now…

CPC has modified the routers’ schedule to allow them to work day shifts, for now. It’s important to note that the decision to move sort during the day is not definitive and will not necessarily apply elsewhere, or even at the Laval-West facility in the future. As we know, management can change work schedules with a simple 48-hour notice. And let’s not forget that the employer’s approach will result in letter carriers’ routes having an even greater number of addresses to deliver.

Conservative ghosts at Canada Post

In a business that relies so much on its workforce, health and safety and labour relations should be a priority. Obviously, this has not been the case in the last ten years. First we were hit with the postal transformation, followed by the five-point plan, including the conversion to CMBs, and now we’re faced with the separation of sorting from delivery. Each of these initiatives was implemented without providing us with all relevant information.  CPC leadership continues to disrespect CUPW and its members and dismiss your well-being.


Next steps… Time to get ready!

If this attitude is a preview of what to expect at bargaining, then we really need to be ready and united.

We are currently looking at all of our options. We will keep you informed as developments occur.


In Solidarity, 

Martin Champagne
4th National Vice-President