Service Expansion Major Issue At Negotiations

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Sunday July 3 2016

**Alert**: The Union is not serving a 72-hour notice.

For many years, CUPW has consistently taken the position that the best response to falling mail volumes is to expand into new services which meet the needs of the public and add revenues for Canada Post. Our view is that CPC should expand its existing services such as parcel delivery and direct mail, as well as initiate new services such as postal banking. With the largest vehicle fleet and the most extensive network of retail facilities in the country, there is great potential for growth. Here is how the issues stand at negotiations:


Parcel Delivery (Urban Unit):     We have proposed a model for seven (7) day parcel delivery operation including weekends, mornings and evenings. The model includes a new job title and job description for Part-Time Delivery Relief Employees. We are optimistic for an agreement on this issue.


Admail (Urban Unit):        We have reached agreement on changes to the sizes and weights of householder mail. This includes an increase in the time allowances and changes in the per-piece payments, including increases and decreases. (This agreement is conditional on an overall settlement).


Appendix “T”:        Appendix “T”, in the urban agreement, is designed to promote new services. The employer wants to eliminate it. Some of the issues that we have proposed to be referred to the Appendix “T” Committee are associated with the introduction of postal banking, letter carrier services to the elderly and environmental issues.


Retail Outlets:        The current collective agreement requires Canada Post to keep open a minimum of 493 retail counters. CPC wants to eliminate this protection so that they can close all of the outlets if they want. This would eliminate important services to the public and destroy over 1200 full-time day shift positions. Instead of cutbacks, CUPW wants to expand services at CPC’s retail outlets by providing banking and financial services, locating charging stations for electric vehicles and promoting local community activities.


Expansion and Growth: A Reasonable Approach

CUPW’s proposals are completely in accordance with the comments of Judy Foote, Minister Responsible for Canada Post who has stated the Canada Post Review should “look at other avenues of business that could possibly be explored that will enable Canada Post to have more revenue to carry out its responsibility to deliver mail”.


It’s Time for More Services and Growth.

Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit
George Floresco
Chief Negotiator, RSMC Unit