Servicing CMBs from Vehicles Parked Across the Street

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Tuesday March 3 2015

As a settlement to national grievance N00-12-00013, Canada Post has signed an MOA and agreed to amend the LCRMS Manual to reflect the following:

1)    Letter carriers will not be structured to deliver CMB sites from the opposite side of the street if the street is wider than three lanes—including any lanes used for parking.

2)    A time credit of 0.17 minutes will be provided to cross from and return to the vehicle when crossing the street.  This time represents the time to walk 45.18 feet, and is in addition to the regular pacing given on the 038 to walk to the CMB.

3)    In situations where the letter carrier must travel further than 45.18 feet, the time to cross the street will be updated by management at the request of the letter carrier or the Union.  Situations where the letter carrier would have to travel more than 45.18 feet include:

  • Not being able to park directly across from the CMB site because of a bus stop, no parking sign, fire hydrant, driveway, T-intersection, etc.
  • Where the street, while being three lanes or less, is wider than normal.

4)    Locations where the CMB is delivered from across the street will be indicated on the Form 070/071.


  • The language in the LCRMS is not a waiver to any local bylaws that prohibit crossing the street between intersections (jay-walking bylaws).
  • The language in the LCRMS is not also a waiver to health and safety concerns that might exist; for example, where the road may be narrow, but heavy with traffic.
  • Concerns regarding local bylaws and/or health and safety concerns should be brought to the attention of:
    • The RMO during the restructure exercise, or if identified later;
    • local management in consultation, and;

the local joint Health & Safety Committee.

Martin Champagne
4th National Vice-President