Show up and Stand up to Defy Racism and Bigotry

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Tuesday August 22 2017

On the weekend of August 12th, Charlottesville, Virginia and the world saw a disgraceful display of what hatred leads to. Hundreds of neo-Nazis, KKK members and white supremacists came out of hiding to spit their venom in the face of democracy and to bait our progressive movements.

It was horrifying to see in 2017, such a gathering of bigotry, proudly holding swastika flags and torches — symbols of oppression, violence and death.

A young woman was murdered, and many more injured, all in the name of white supremacy. To add to our collective anger, the U.S. President could not even muster the will to outright condemn such demonstration of hatred and bigotry. He instead made false equivalencies, and refused to call it for what it is: domestic terrorism.

As workers, as a union, we cannot stay silent. We have to say loud and clear that we totally and perpetually oppose white supremacy, hate violence and bigotry. We are fighters for human rights, fighters against the dark forces that seek to set us against one another. When these forces surface, we must defy them, shut them down and show them our collective strength and our unity.

We will not pretend this is not our fight – that it only happens in the United States. Canada is not immune to white supremacist ideology – not in our history and not in our present day. There are groups promoting hate, and feeding our worst demons.

We witnessed a massacre in a mosque just this year. They may be emboldened by the current U.S. administration, but hatred and hate groups do not stop for borders.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers reiterates its commitment to stand for a society with human rights and equity for all, where all workers can stand united in love and respect for one another.

As members you can be an ally to fight racism and bigotry by working with your local or the national human rights committee, supporting your brothers, sisters and non-binary co-workers when racism, sexism and homophobia show up on the workplace. You can also find groups in your community where you can get involved to show these hateful elements that they are on the wrong side of history, and that their divisive, destructive agenda will never prevail.

Our united strength, our solidarity, is the way forward. Love and respect will win, but it requires that we work for it, and together remain stronger than the proponents of racism, hatred, and oppression.

In Solidarity,

Mike Palecek
Président national (2015-2019)