Slow Progress at the Bargaining Table

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Friday July 15 2016
No 44

Today we met with the mediators and also with Canada Post management.


The Role of the Mediators

Our discussions with the mediators are held on a confidential basis and therefore we cannot provide specific details. However we can say that today, in our discussions with the mediators, we reviewed several issues where the parties are close to an agreement with the exception of one or two aspects. We also identified several other issues which we believe should be placed on the agenda for the parties to negotiate.

The role of the mediators is not to pass judgement on the parties or to take sides. However, the mediators can provide important insights as to how to move negotiations forward and reach agreements. We are fortunate to have experienced and knowledgeable mediators to assist us.


Today and Tomorrow

Today we met with CPC and reviewed contractual language that has been submitted on the issue of national transfers for RSMCs. While there is a broad agreement on providing RSMCs with the right to transfer on a national basis, there are still associated issues that require discussion such as the process governing the application for transfers. The discussions were positive.


Tomorrow we plan to have a discussion with CPC on all of the major issues that must be addressed next week.


A Slow, Careful Process

One of the reasons why negotiations require lots of time is that both parties not only discuss very many complex issues, they are also required to develop, review, and exchange collective agreement language every time they make a proposal. For the party receiving the proposal, a careful examination of the proposed contractual language is necessary to confirm that it truly represents the understanding that both parties have on an issue. Every time either party changes their position on an issue, if only slightly, there is a requirement to change the language. Sometimes this is simple. Other times it can be very complicated. Your negotiating committee is willing to take all the time that is required because it is through this process that we will negotiate collective agreements that postal workers deserve.


Let’s Do It Right and Get the Collective Agreements We Deserve!

Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit
George Floresco
Chief Negotiator, RSMC Unit