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Sunday July 24 2016
No 53

Proper staffing is important for many reasons; health and safety, morale, reducing overtime and providing good service to the public. Has Canada Post done anything during this round of negotiations to improve staffing? Has Canada Post proposed a real solution to these issues? NO!


CPC’s Approach to Staffing

We have been discussing staffing with CPC since negotiations began 7 months ago. We have expressed concerns about staffing for all groups in the Urban bargaining unit and for RSMCs.

Group 1 (Internal Workers) – CPC is determined to reduce the number of full-time internal workers while increasing the number of part-time workers and using more temporary workers. CPC wants to close retail outlets staffed by our members instead of expanding hours and services and providing adequate staffing levels.

Group 2 (Letter Carriers and MSCs) – CPC wants the ability to not fill vacant positions in all groups if they intend to implement any cost saving initiative in the future that would reduce letter carrier or MSC positions. This means that, if they announce some scheme to eliminate jobs, they could hold vacant positions indefinitely and staff with temporary employees.

Groups 3 & 4 (Technical Services) – CPC wants to eliminate the apprenticeship program and move to a scholarship program and not pay wages during the two or more years of training that is required to be qualified for positions in Groups 3 & 4. CPC is also deleting positions in tech services and causing these members to work excessive overtime to keep the equipment operating so that the mail continues to move.

RSMC – CPC does not want to provide coverage for all RSMC absences in all locations. They still expect RSMCs to find their own replacements. CPC claims it is too costly and difficult for them to provide replacements in all locations. They are also building RSMC routes with no minimum guaranteed hours. Staffing RSMC routes would be easier if CPC maximized full-time positions, paid RSMCs an hourly wage and paid for all hours worked.

It is time for CPC to provide adequate staffing so that we can work in a safe environment and provide the public with the service they deserve.


We want real solutions to real problems

It has now been 3 weeks since the cooling off period officially ended and still CPC has not made any significant moves on our demands. We are, and have always been, ready to negotiate seriously, it is time for Canada Post to do the same.


Weekend Update

This weekend, we put a lot of effort to try to resolve the access to information. This is a very complicated issue that required a lot of work. Access to information is key in ensuring that what is negotiated is respected.


Determination and Solidarity = Success

Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit
George Floresco
Chief Negotiator, RSMC Unit
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