Straight Talk on RSMC Demands

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Thursday October 1 2015

RSMCs are asking some good questions about the 2015-2016 program of demands. Here are the answers.

Q. We submitted lots of our demands but there are only 10 demands that apply to RSMCs. Where are the rest?

A. When establishing the program of demands the National Directors reviewed all of the demands submitted on RSMC issues. Most of these demands were directed towards achieving provisions already contained in the urban contract. These included demands for wage increases, vacation improvements, grievance procedure, job security, overtime, health and safety protections, retiree benefits, etc. etc. All of those demands have been included in the one composite demand #12 which reads: RSMCs to receive the same conditions as urban employees while addressing the issues raised in demands 75 to 85. This means that for RSMCs we are demanding:

  • The same wages, benefits, rights and protections already included in the urban contract
  • Plus: All of the improvements in the urban contract we are proposing in demands 1 to 74.
  • Plus: All of the demands for improvements in demands 75 to 85 which are of special relevance to RSMCs.

RSMCs are being asked to vote on the entire package of demands because one of our central demands is for full equality for everyone within the same collective agreement!

Q. Can urban workers be forced to accept RSMC positions as a result of the application of Article 53?

A. Not as a result of our demands. The only way an urban member will be able to obtain a position as an RSMC would be once the RSMC staffing procedures have been exhausted and the employer intends to hire from the street. Any urban member who obtains an RSMC position will have their RSMC seniority date start at zero. As a result there will be no chance they would be able to move in front of any existing RSMC with respect to the application of seniority. There will be no bumping.

George Floresco
3rd National Vice-President & Chief Negotiator RSMC
Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit
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