The Struggle Continues! Together, We Will Win!

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Thursday April 30 2015

Sisters and Brothers: 

This is my last bulletin as National President. As you probably know, I announced last November that I would not be asking for a third mandate as President. This bulletin is simply to say THANK YOU for your support and for allowing me to speak on your behalf in recent years.

At the start of my report to Convention, I wrote:

“This is my second and final report as National President of CUPW. I would like to start by saying what a privilege and an honour it has been to serve the membership. I’ve been actively involved in our union for over 35 years. During all this time, I have shown the same determination and put a lot of effort into every file I’ve been responsible for. In a way, CUPW was and is my extended family. What a learning opportunity! When we get involved in a union, work that is well done is a measure of our commitment. What a learning opportunity!”

Again, thank you! And I say so with a feeling of accomplishment.


This year marks our Union’s 50th anniversary. The theme for our Convention is “50 years of solidarity… and the struggle continues!” To me, this theme truly reflects what we are and what we continue to be: united in our daily struggles, in our fight to maintain a public postal service and for good working conditions and decent wages and benefits that protect our families. We are also united in our fight for a better world, with a human face. 

Continued Involvement

This final bulletin is also a call for each and every one of us to get involved by continuing to defend our rights as workers, to participate fully in the Save Canada Post campaign and in the next federal election. I for one will remain active. We are waging an exemplary battle and, TOGETHER, WE WILL WIN! 

Again, thank you.

The struggle continues.

In Solidarity,

Denis Lemelin
National President (2008-2015)