Support Locked-Out Unifor 594 Workers at Co-op Refinery

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Wednesday January 29 2020

As they fight to defend their defined benefit pension plan, CUPW supports Unifor 594 members, who are locked out of the Co-op refinery in Regina since December 5.

The central issue for the workers at the refinery is protecting their defined benefit (DB) pension plan. We fight hard to protect our pension, and we all know how it feels to have it threatened. Co-op made a promise not to switch workers from the DB plan to a defined contributions plan (which puts the risk on the worker instead of the employer), but they’re going back on their word and asking to end the DB plan.

You can learn more about their struggle at

The refinery is highly profitable and Co-op can afford to keep its promise. The workers are just demanding that their members not be switched to a DC plan without a choice. They’re in the tough position of having to walk a picket line to fight for the status quo.

The fight for retirement security, and to hold employers to their promises on pensions, is our fight too, and affects all workers.

We will be present at the picket line at the refinery on Wednesday, January 29.

We encourage members everywhere to talk to family and friends about the lockout and the boycott, and visit to find out more ways to support. You can also join the discussion on social media using #supportUnifor594 and by adding the “I Support Unifor 594” frame to your facebook profile photo.


In solidarity,

Jan Simpson
National President