Taking Charge of Change: New Online Learning Opportunities

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Thursday January 14 2016

The CUPW-STTP’s education program is looking forward to taking steps towards online education.  Many members are very “connected” and are extensively involved with social media already.  When it comes to getting educated, some of us do not have the available time or the means to attend educational sessions.  We can think of single parents, it can be for lack of available childcare, some of us have to work week-end, etc.   Fortunately, the Canadian Labour Congress will help us take that progressive step, for they have already put in place a site where various online informative and training courses are available, such as the Edu‑Action program: www.engage.ning.com

Meanwhile The Canadian Labour Congress Young Workers & Education Departments are launching a new session of Taking Charge of Change (TCC), it’s an intensive eight‑week online activist training program for young workers and youth activists (age 30 and under) who want to lead, build, and organize for change.

We want to motivate our membership to register. (Note that this program is currently only offered in English.) Some of the advantages of following this program will be to

  • Build leadership skills to engage and mobilize young workers.
  • Gain knowledge about the issues affecting young workers in the union, workplace and community.
  • Deepen your understanding of past and present labour and social justice issues using an anti-oppression framework.
  • Develop organizing skills for building a movement.
  • Bonus! Build solidarity with other young activists across the country, and learn from their experiences.

The format of the course is made up of twelve sessions held live online over 8 weeks. Winter 2016 Program Dates: Each Tuesday from February 23 to April 12, 2016, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. EST.

Applications are open from January 8 to 24, 2016. There is a maximum of 20 participants, subject to a selection process.

For more information and to apply visit: https://takingchargeofchange.wordpress.com

We hope there will be a large number of applications from CUPW.  Please send your feedback to us via mail, emails or Facebook as to how was your experience.


Richard Gaboton
National Union Representative