Thanks for the Hard Work – Now for the Rollbacks!

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Friday February 26 2016
Negotiations Bulletin No. 9

At the workplace CPC management has been posting messages congratulating employees for processing and delivering record numbers of parcels. But at the bargaining table the same management has been presenting a long list of Rollbacks that they want to impose on both urban and rural postal workers. Here is what they have demanded.


It is in the area of extended healthcare and disability insurance benefits that management is making proposals for major rollbacks that would eliminate entitlements for family coverage and raise the cost for all employees and retirees.




Extended Health Care Plan Employee Contributions
now 5%

Maintain 5%

Raise premiums to 25% Additional Annual Cost $400

Retiree Health Care Plan – retiree premiums now 35%

Not applicable – RSMCs currently not entitled to retiree health care benefits

20 years of service 80% - Increase in annual cost:
family $1080.46              single $598.47

25 years of service 65% -    Increase in annual cost:
family $720.03                 single $398.98

30 years of service 50% - Increase in annual cost: 
family $360.16                single $199.49

Physiotherapy (now no maximum) – Family coverage included

Maximum $400 per year – no family coverage

Maximum $800 per year – no family coverage

Disability Insurance (DI) – Indexed against inflation

No change to current extended disability plan

Eliminate annual indexing – no protection from inflation

Wages - Urban

For full-time urban employees management wants to impose a “pay-in arrears” pay system. Introducing this system, which is already in effect for other urban and rural employees, would result in all full-time members effectively missing a pay period and having to go for four weeks without a pay.

Management also wants to reduce the lower pay rate imposed in the last collective agreement and take away the right of temporary employees to any wage increase for the entire duration of the next collective agreement.

Wages - RSMC

For RSMCs management want to keep the current compensation model. They are still refusing to pay RSMCs for all hours worked.

Changes they are proposing include:

  • Adjust the sort value
  • Make changes to the drive time
  • Introduce a parcel payment program
  • Adjust business values
  • Give incentives for additional work on other routes.

More To Come

Already management has signaled that they plan to come with many more rollbacks to attack our rights, benefits and pensions. This is the reward we get for delivering record volumes of parcels and generating $200 million in profits.

We Have Better Ideas

Your Negotiating Committee has informed CPC that we are not at all interested in their ideas for rollbacks, reductions and great inequality. Our program of demands calls for full equality and improvements in wages, benefits, rights and working conditions for all members. That is our mandate, we are determined and with your support there is much we can achieve. 

Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit
George Floresco
Chief Negotiator, RSMC Unit