Time for CPC to Get Serious!

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Wednesday July 20 2016
No 49

We have been talking about the slow progress and we have mentioned some successes. It is now time for Canada Post to come to the table with the intent of resolving key issues if we are going to have negotiated collective agreements.

Big Issues

The issues that need to be seriously addressed are:

  • Group 1 (Internal) Staffing and Appendix “P”
    We need a process to increase the use of full-time hours to provide more opportunities for part-time and temporary employees to obtain full-time jobs.

  • Short-Term Disability Plan (STDP)
    CPC needs to improve this plan.

  • Pay for all hours worked and an hourly wage for RSMCs
    It is time for RSMCs to get paid an hourly wage for the work they do and for CPC to recognize that they perform the same work as the urban unit.

  • One-Bundle delivery method for letter carriers
    This is a fundamental health and safety issue and CPC must address this to protect letter carriers from unsafe work methods.

  • A fair wage adjustment for Groups 3 & 4 (Technical Services)
    These employees keep the equipment in the plants running and repair many of our vehicles. Our tech services members are highly skilled and require constant training to keep up with very sophisticated technology. They need their contribution to CPC to be recognized.

  • Improved health and safety protection for all postal workers.
    We must improve our right to refuse protection. The creation of a social steward network is essential to assist those of us that may be in distress.

What Happened Today?

We met and finalized the language for RSMC transfer rights. We had a discussion on access to information for letter carrier routes which was a more in-depth discussion involving route measurement representatives from each side.

Time to achieve negotiated settlements!

The pace must speed up. We must all pressure CPC to get serious about our demands and remind them that the time for real, intense negotiations is now. 

Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit
George Floresco
Chief Negotiator, RSMC Unit
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