Time To Intensify

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Friday August 5 2016
No 59

As we prepare to attend rallies across the country over the next few days to invite the Liberal Government to get involved and tell Canada Post to negotiate seriously, it is time to plan our next move. It is time for our actions to intensify. Canada Post management must get the message that we are, and have always been, ready to sit down and hammer out the terms and conditions for our new collective agreements and we expect the same from them.


Beyond August 6


On August 6, we will be delivering our message to the Government but what happens after that? We cannot simply sit back and wait. We must continue to put pressure on Canada Post on a daily basis. The negotiation committee will continue to be ready each and every day to have serious discussions focused on resolving the many outstanding issues.


At the Tables


There has not been much to report in the way of progress at the tables which is the reason we all need to be heard loud and clear. There have been some discussions with Canada Post but the end result is the same – little or no progress. There has definitely been no progress on the key issues. We are determined to get this process moving towards a settlement and when the movement happens, we will be ready.


Be Loud and Be Proud


Every chance we get, we must continue to tell CPC to negotiate seriously. We will be loud and tell them that we are proud postal workers and that we demand and deserve fair negotiated collective agreements.



Together We Will Make This Happen!


Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit
George Floresco
Chief Negotiator, RSMC Unit
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