A Tough Round Of Negotiations Ahead...

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Thursday February 11 2016
Negotiations Bulletin No. 8

We officially submitted our program of demands, and the employer provided us with a list of “items for discussion.” We are now at the stage of holding meetings to discuss the details of all the demands.

A great divide

The parties are currently very far from an agreement. Unfortunately, this already wide “gap” is only getting bigger. The reason for this is simple. The employer submitted “items for discussion” that, once detailed, will only increase the distance between the parties.

Very different visions

Our vision is to see Canada Post thrive even more with the introduction of new revenue-generating services, such as banking and financial services. Our vision is also based on a universal public post office that serves the public, its true owners. The employer’s vision is to reduce Canada Post’s “cost structure.” This means to increase profits by making cuts, mainly to our working conditions.

The employer has to recognize that the next collective agreement must address issues experienced by the members and must not be achieved at their expense.

How to deal with so many issues?

It would be practically impossible to deal with so many issues at only one bargaining table. Doing so would result in an extremely long and inefficient process. Therefore, we will tackle negotiations with three sub-committees. The first sub-committee will be responsible for all financial issues, including benefits. The second will be in charge of all issues related to mail delivery. Finally, the third sub-committee (general operations) will take on all other issues. Members of the bargaining committee were assigned to one of the sub-committees.

A Shared responsibility

Members of the bargaining committee have specific responsibilities within their respective sub-committee. Nonetheless they discuss everything with the whole group, before and after each meeting with the employer.

Another difficult round

It appears that the current negotiations will be no exception to the previous ones. It will be a tough round of bargaining. Your bargaining committee will continue to work very hard to get a settlement that recognizes concretely the work you do serving the public, and will ensure your and your family’s future.

Our solidarity

There’s nothing stronger than our solidarity. It’s our solidarity that will lead us to a new collective agreement that can meet our collective expectations and solve the numerous problems members are experiencing.

Stay informed, participate in union actions, and proudly express your solidarity.
Your support is crucial to the success of these negotiations.

Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit
George Floresco
Chief Negotiator, RSMC Unit