UNIFOR Members Occupy Plant In Struggle For Pensions And Severance.

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Saturday August 12 2017

Members of Unifor have occupied the Northstar Aerospace plant in Milton, Ontario.  The plant was purchased by Heligear Acquisition Co. in 2012.  Heligear intends to move the plant to Chicago, cutting jobs and leaving the workers’ pension with a massive deficit.  Unifor members at Northstar have been told their pension will be reduced by 25%.  After months of negotiations, Unifor has been forced to take drastic action. 

Unifor members at Northstar have a target benefit plan.  This is the same kind of plan that the Liberal government is trying to legalize at the federal level with bill C-27.  This attack against Northstar workers and retirees demonstrates the importance of the fight against bill C-27.  Every worker in this country deserves to retire with dignity.  Nobody should have to guess what their pension will be when they retire.

Heligear is a profitable corporation.  They could easily pay for their pension shortfall, but have steadfastly refused.  This struggle should not be seen in isolation.  Pensions are under attack everywhere.  Everything we can do to support this struggle will help in the fight for safe and secure pensions for workers everywhere.

CUPW members nearby should stop by the picket-line to show support.  If you’re further away, please email or call Northstar and tell them to do the right thing: fund their workers’ pension.

Picket line:

180 Market Drive, Milton



Krista Bunn,

Human Resource Manager


Tel: (905) 875-4000 ext. 6249


In Solidarity,

Mike Palecek
National President (2015-2019)