Updating Routes and Basic LCRMS

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CUPW Education

This course explains the fundamentals of the Letter Carrier Route Measurement System (LCRMS), with a focus on the factors used to update routes.

Participants examine the different time values that determine a route and review how they are calculated. They look at restructures, volume counts, and the parts of the collective agreement that relate to LCRMS.

Most important, they learn how to verify time values to ensure they reflect the letter carrier’s work, and what to do if there are discrepancies.


This course is for members, stewards and local executive members who want to learn about letter carrier routes and the basics of the Letter Carrier Route Measurement System (LCRMS).

2.5 days

Please note that the region (or the local) selects the courses that are offered. Not all courses are offered in a given year. In some cases, a course may not be available because it is not up to date or because it is being translated.

Specialized courses, such as the training of facilitators and of worker advocates, are offered on an as needed basis during each mandate. Typically, participants from two or more regions attend these national-level courses.

Members interested in union education should contact their region.

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