Vote Brother Angelo Colacci For Canada Post Pension Advisory Council

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Monday September 28 2015

The National Executive Board is asking you to vote for Brother Angelo Colacci to be the representative to the Canada Post Pension Advisory Council for all Active Members.

We have a defined benefit plan. This is the most safe and secure pension plan. Currently, governments and employers are attacking defined pension plans.

We need a representative on the CPC Pension Advisory Council who will work to protect and improve our plan. Brother Colacci has the understanding and tenacity to protect and defend our plan.




Brother Colacci has served as the Scarborough Local Secretary-Treasurer for 27 years. He has extensive experience dealing with members benefits and pensions. He has taken and co-facilitated courses regarding members’ benefits, pension and retirement planning.

Brother Colacci has excellent working knowledge of the Pension Plan from its origin to the current Canada Post Pension Plan.


Asset to CUPW

We need someone with the experience and commitment to be the representative for all active members. Brother Angelo Colacci is that person!


In solidarity,

Beverly Collins
National Secretary-Treasurer