We Are Pushing Hard But Meeting Resistance!

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Thursday July 21 2016
No 50

We are telling Canada Post to come to the table ready to address our demands but we continue to meet unjustified resistance. We are pushing back hard and reminding CPC over and over that our demands are important and must be addressed.

We Are Serious About Achieving Our Key Demands

CPC does not want to resolve many non-monetary issues that are important to us.

We need to resolve the multiple-bundle delivery issue and have proposed a solution that does not add additional assessed time onto letter carrier routes and still CPC is refusing to agree. Do they not want to resolve an issue that impacts the health and safety of letter carriers and reduce overtime?

Instead of acknowledging our demand for increased retail services provided by CUPW members, CPC wants the ability to close all 493 outlets staffed by us. They want to eliminate 1200 daytime jobs, many of which are located in small communities.

CPC has been putting forward unreasonable conditions that are preventing the resolution of the RSMC seniority issue. Seniority is a basic union right and does not impact the Corporation. Why would CPC not agree to this demand that is important to our RSMC members?

The parties have spent many hours going back and forth on the issue of Group 1 (Internal) staffing and Appendix “P”. It is time to resolve this crucial issue so the parties can move on to other priorities.

CPC first introduced the GeoRoute software program for letter carrier restructures in 2008. It is now being used to restructure RSMC routes as well. Ever since 2008 we have been involved in an arbitration process to force CPC to give us full access to this software so that we can properly evaluate the routes that are being restructured.

Now Is the Time For Action

Negotiations have been going on for a long time and now is the time to ramp it up. We have to remind management that time is of the essence and they need to start picking up the pace.


Serious Negotiations Must Start Now

Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit
George Floresco
Chief Negotiator, RSMC Unit