We Control Our Own Fate

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Thursday October 27 2016

At the recent Young Workers Summit organized by the Canadian Labour Congress, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau answered questions from young trade unionists. Many of the young workers protested the presence of the Prime Minister, demanding that he keep his promises, and turning their backs to the stage while he spoke.

At this event, Mr. Trudeau made some remarks about Canada Post that need to be addressed. The Prime Minister said, "… we believe in the open bargaining process as was evidenced by Canada Post for example. The government did not land on one side or the other. We forced the two parties to stay at the table and they were able to work out a deal."

I would like to be absolutely clear: The Liberals did not force us to do anything.

We stayed at the table, because our aim was to negotiate collective agreements. The bargaining process includes the right to walk away from the table and walk off the job.

No Prime Minister or government can force us to do anything.


In Solidarity,

Mike Palecek
National President (2015-2019)
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