What’s Next?

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Wednesday July 27 2016
No 56

Yesterday, we updated you on the history and timelines of this round of negotiations. We are sure that many of you are now asking what comes next. At this point in the process, that is the million dollar question but we all need to be prepared for anything. We all need to continue doing what we are doing and keep the pressure on Canada Post to seriously negotiate.


Big Issues

We are still working hard at resolving the many big or key issues that remain outstanding. For months, we have been working on getting an agreement on a process to improve Group 1 (internal) staffing and a process to create and protect more regular full-time and part-time jobs. Equity is an issue that will not go away, and yet Canada Post does not seem to want to discuss this at the table. There is still no resolve on a safe, one-bundle delivery method for letter carriers. We still need to address the concerns of Groups 3 & 4 (tech services).


CPC: It is Time to Get Serious

It is time for Canada Post to come to the table ready to address our key issues. The clock continues to tick yet Canada Post does not seem willing to accelerate the pace of negotiations. Canada Post needs to understand that basic, fundamental union issues must be addressed to help get this process moving towards a settlement. Why do we not have an agreement on RSMC seniority? Why do we not have an agreement on one-bundle delivery for letter carriers? What are they waiting for?


Today at the Table

Today we met with the employer and discussed Group 1 (internal) staffing and Appendix “P”, health and safety training (Appendix “DD”) and access to information.

We discussed access to information as a follow-up to Saturday’s meeting. There is still much work to do on this complex issue and we will continue to work on it.  

We also received little new information on Appendix “P” and internal staffing. CPC is still not addressing our concerns about the injury rate and their demand to reduce health and safety training.


Keep Up the Pressure

We are noticing an increase in work floor activities and this is great to see. Canada Post knows we are determined, strong and committed to achieve negotiated collective agreements. Your negotiating committee is continuing to be firm at the table and we are pushing our demands. Every action or activitysends a message to Canada Post.


We Will Never Give Up and We Will Get the Agreements That We Deserve!

Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit
George Floresco
Chief Negotiator, RSMC Unit
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