Why Equity Is Important To Urban Workers

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Thursday July 28 2016
No 57

The attack on Urban workers is directly related to the inequities that RSMC members face. The only way to stop these attacks is to achieve full equity for RSMCs. CPC’s initial position was to attack the following Urban benefits and working conditions. All of these are benefits that the RSMCs do not have:

  • Weekend overtime for letter carriers – use temporary employees for all weekend work.
  • Paid lunch and wash-up time – eliminate for all employees.
  • Annual leave entitlements – eliminate the 7th week for all employees.
  • Pre-retirement leave – eliminate for all employees.
  • Job security.
  • Contracting out – close all retail outlets staffed by our members.
  • Increasing post-retirement benefit premiums.

Can You Connect The Dots?

Can you spot the similarities between the list of cutbacks that CPC initially presented (above) and the list of benefits that RSMCs don’t have (below)? There are many differences in the wages, benefits and working conditions between the RSMCs and letter carriers and yet the work is fundamentally the same. We all process and deliver mail. Some of these differences are:

  1. An hourly rate of pay and pay for all hours worked, including overtime.
  2. Paid breaks and meal period.
  3. The same annual leave (vacation) entitlements – RSMCs are currently capped at 4 weeks, which takes10 years of continuous service to get.
  4. Post-retirement health and dental benefits – RSMCs have no post-retirement medical or dental benefits.
  5. Pre-retirement leave – RSMCs do not have this leave.
  6. Coverage for all absences – Many RSMCs still have to find and train their own replacements.
  7. Job security – RSMCs do not have job security.
  8. Protection against contracting out – CPC still uses contractors to do RSMC work.
  9. Corporate vehicles – The majority of RSMCs must provide their own vehicles and have access to a spare vehicle in case of a breakdown.
  10. A proper route measurement system and routes that are structured to maximize full time.
  11. Straight-time hours pensionable – Currently, RSMCs do not get pensionable service for all straight-time hours worked.
  12. Uniforms – RSMCs should get the same uniform entitlement as letter carriers.
  13. Injury on Duty pay – RSMCs who are injured on duty do not continue to be paid by CPC. They must wait for a decision from the Workers’ Compensation Board, which can take months, until they receive any compensation.
  14. Seniority – RSMCs should have full seniority that recognizes all of their service with Canada Post.

Not On the Backs of Urban Members

This round is not about giving up Urban benefits to improve the RSMC collective agreement. It is about getting the RSMCs the same working conditions as Urban members and making working conditions for the Urban unit better.


This Round is About Equity and Moving Ahead!

Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit
George Floresco
Chief Negotiator, RSMC Unit