Your Postal Workers’ Safety Is Everybody’s Safety!

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Questions about COVID-19?

Contact our COVID-19 National Response HQ

IMPORTANT: Please provide your name, local, job type and workplace location. Only questions about COVID-19 will be answered. Please contact your local for other issues.

CDC : Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As we fight the spread of COVID-19, people are getting information, medications, food, and other essential supplies every day through the postal service.

Postal workers are proud to be part of flattening the curve. But we absolutely need to be safe while doing it, and we need your help to keep you, your mail, parcels, food deliveries and workplaces safe too!

We've seen the greetings and expressions of gratitude on people's homes and social media. It means a lot to us.

Here are some #TreatUsKindly shareables and resources you can use to show your continued support.


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